• Trolley jack UH 1/90
  • Coin container lift truck

universal trolley jack UH 1/90

Our different lift trucks, universal trolley jack UH 1/90 and frame lift trucks HNs and HNb are durable and
longlife products in industry and trade. The frame lift trucks e.g. are used to handle goods, palletized on
EU-standardized and non-EU-standardized pallets in manufacturing and storage. Our lift trucks are custom-tailored to suit the individual needs in your application area in order to facilitate the internal transport and to relieve your employees. Work processes can be improved and performed faster, due to various applications
of the frame lift truck even in confined space. With the lift trucks of the HN series, available with different
width, length and ground clearance, you gain maximum motility in you individual application area. Furthermore they can be equipped with special mounting brackets and fixtures for boxes and other containers. Rubber wheels ensure running smoothness also on uneven ground and thus protect the moved goods. Our universal trolley jack UH 1/90 is a versatilely applicable: with a ground clearance of ca. 280 mm and an effective stroke of ca. 850 mm it lifts your loads easily up to a
height of 1,100 mm. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 1 t. It is particularly suitable for the assemblage of machines, as substructures of devices as
well as for the transport of bales, thread spools and barrels. The universal trolley jack UH 1/90 is a universally applicable lifting equipment which is characterized by its effective stroke and rotatability of its platform.

In the section “special lift trucks” we produce lifting devices for your individual tasks. Scissorlifts inter alia used as movable work tables, coin container lift trucks for transport of hard cash or individual construction based on your schemes and technical drawings.

Universal Trolley Jacks

trolley jack UH with roll

The universal trolley jack UH 1/90 can be equipped with three different carrying constructions and thus is a variable device for transport and lifting
of goods and materials or assembling of machines.

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Frame Lift Trucks

lift truck in different variations

Frame lift trucks in various specifications are useful helpers in manufacture and storage. Our lift trucks are produced in 144 different variants. You can
choose between different widths, lengths, heights and tires.

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Coin Container Trucks &  Special trucks

coin container truck

Special lift trucks for coin containers, Schäferkisten,   scissorlifts. Production to customers’ requirements.

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