The hydraulic universal trolley jack UH 1/90 can be used in a diverse range of applications, e.g. assemblage of machines or transport of bales, spools and barrels. One of the three different carrying constructions is the ideal transport solution in your application area. The trolley Jack UH 1/90 helps to  position goods by lifting to a height of up to1,100 mm (calculated with ground clearance) and a load capacity of 1 t. Mount your devices like measuring instruments on one of the hydraulic universal trolley jacks as a substructure and take advantage of its work height, load capacity and maneuverability. Upon request, rubber-, nylon- or polyurethane-tires, up to a diameter of 230 mm can be installed. Also the color can be adapted to the application area in your storage.

The solid chassis can be safely set up on nearly every ground and is protected against tilting and moving. The universal trolley jack is equipped with a robust hydraulic aggregate from Aros Hydraulik GmbH, designed to lift loads up to 1 t. The loaded goods can be swiveled by up to 80 mm towards the operator and rotated by 360 ° on each of the three carrying constructions loaded. Both functions are lockable in the middle position.

trolley jack UH 1/90 in lowest position
Trolley jack UH 1/90 in lowest position
Trolley jack UH 1/90 nearly highest position
Trolley jack UH 1/90 nearly highest position
Trolley jack UH 1/90
Trolley jack UH 1/90

Support bridges

Support bridge for trolley jack UH 1/90 Kettbaum

Type UHK 1/90

Universal trolley jack equipped with wooden wedges suited for lifting and transport of pipes, spools, barrels or other round shaped objects like plasticrolls, paperrolls und textile bales, material on rollers.

Support bridge trolley jack UH 1/90 rolls

Type UHR 1/90

Universal trolley jack equipped with a roll-carrying construction suited for lifting machine parts or devices and tools which have to be brought to machines or roller conveyors. For securing the load during transport four of five rolls of the carrying constructions can be fixed by hand levers.Support bridge for trolley jack UH 1/90 plattform

Type UHP 1/90

Universal trolley jack equipped with a wooden platform suited for the transport of sheet metals, plates or other flat objects.nd levers.


Technical Data

Universal trolley jack UH 1/90 support bridge rolls and barrels

Effective stroke:     1100 mm
Minimum Height (depending on the carrying construction):            280 mm
Wheelbase:               1500 mm
Axle width:                 560 mm
Weight without carrying construction:               190 kg




Goods are lifted by repeated pressing of the pedal, which returns to the initial position by spring pressure.


Goods are lowered by pulling the hand lever on the right side. The lowering speed is non-adjustable preset by a lowering brake.

Working position

The maximum work height is ca. 85 cm. After positioning of the universal trolley jack it has to be secured by fixing the tightening spindles


Lubrication point

All joints equipped with grease nipples should be lubricated regularly (best every four weeks). For proper lubrication of the bearing points best use multi-purpose grease.

The universal trolley jack UH 1/90 is equipped with a foot pump of the company
Aros Hydraulik GmbH.